v1.7.3 - Release

Jason Lautzenheiser · February 12, 2022

Known issue in this build. Exporting to PDF is broken. I’m currently working on a fix for this.


  • HiDPI Support by @berkeleynerd in #488
  • Added Simple Exporter for Adventuron Text Adventure Creation System by @ainslec in #489
  • Add ReferenceID to the properties copied on a room by @JasonLautzenheiser in #509
  • Add shortcuts to app and map settings forms by @JasonLautzenheiser in #510
  • added zork sample map by @JasonLautzenheiser in #520
  • Support more Inform6 attributes by @michaelbub in #527


  • fix issue with periods in author field during I7 compilation.` by @JasonLautzenheiser in #480
  • the minor adjustments on object text location was not supporting negative numbers by @JasonLautzenheiser in #485
  • Fix for #491 by @ainslec in #492
  • minor refactoring by @JasonLautzenheiser in #496
  • fix compilation error in settings by @JasonLautzenheiser in #498
  • Inform 6 export: fixing 2 bugs leading to compiler errors by @hlabrand in #500
  • some minor code cleanup by @JasonLautzenheiser in #502
  • Update some dependencies and remove test project by @JasonLautzenheiser in #533
  • Add .editorconfig by @JasonLautzenheiser in #534
  • I6 Export Updates by @JasonLautzenheiser in #535

Pick up the this version here.

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