v1.7.2 - Release

Jason Lautzenheiser · March 23, 2019


  • Improved the statusbar to make it more extensible in the future.
  • Simplified how the zoom widget in the statusbar functions.
  • Added caps and num lock indicators to statusbar.
  • Added the option to have text break or not break on dashes. (#456)
  • added menu item in the View menu to toggle the background map grid (#452)
  • Added app settings to control what displays in the tooltip. Can show/hide descriptions and objects. Also can limit how many characters to display in the descriptions (#467)
  • shift - right-clck allows panning of the map. The context menu no longer shows when releasing the mouse (#455)


  • Add filename to the invalid trizbort file on open of file. There is a bug coming where this message is showing after restart on update of Trizbort and this will help debug this.
  • Attempting to open an invalid trizbort file was still marking it as the last loaded project, which could cause it to try and load it again when trizbort reopened. (#442)
  • If the last loaded project was from the web, doing a file open (Ctrl-O) would throw up an invalid path error when opening the file open dialog. (#443)
  • Fix error when zooming in or out too far. (#447)
  • Start/end room properties will not be copied when copying a room, this fixes the issue where we could have more than one start room. (#460)
  • fixed issue when saving a file many times in succession can temporarily corrupt the recent map menu list. (#454)
  • fixed issues with the handling of “Hand Drawn Edges” and improved the handling of the UI in regards to this setting.
  • middle text alignment should now be handled more consistantly. (#473)
  • Handle tooltips better when they are displayed and panning the page or moving the room. (#459)

Pick up the this version here.

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